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Fusion Spanish Tapas on my Rooftop !

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7:00 PM - 10:30 PM
Red Wine, White Wine ...

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I speak Catalan, English, French, Italian, Spanish

After traveling around the world for many years, working as a musician, I finally "landed" in Barcelona 6 years ago. I am actually working in Sales and Marketing department for the Hospitality industry. I love cooking and I love sharing my passion with many friends that are coming every week to spend a good time in my home, with a glass of wine in their hand and sharing experiences and adventures from any side of the world. Después de viajar por todo el mundo como músico, finalmente "aterricé" en Barcelona hace 6 años. Estoy trabajando en el Departamento de Ventas y Marketing para la industria hotelera. Me encanta cocinas y compartir mi pasión con mi amigos, que cada semana vienen a mi casa para disfrutar de un buen vaso de vino, experiencias y aventuras de cualquier parte del mundo.

I'm in my thirties
Pasta and Pizza...of cou ...

Fusion Spanish Tapas on my Rooftop !

We welcome you to our central Barcelona apartment with a wonderful rooftop terrace to enjoy an amazing assortment of fusion tapas inspired by my Italian heritage and Nuria's Catalan family. Depending of the season (and on the market availability) we will offer you a tasting menu of more than 15 type of "tapas gourmet"; exploring several flavors and culinary techniques. From traditional dishes as homemade "Gazpacho Andaluz"; or catalan "Pa amb Tomàquet"; (bread with tomato), to modern culinary techniques like molecular cuisine, spherification or culinary foams, our intent is to show the best of mediterranean gastronomy. The secret is indeed the natural and fresh product. Our "dealer" is Santa Caterina market...probably the best in town...! Our dinners include water, red and white wine, beer and of course a glass of Cava as a warm welcome! and some homemade alcoholic surprise...yes, the goal is to get happy! Come and have a good time with me and my lady, meeting other locals and travelers, and we'll be happy to share a lovely evening and recommend you our favorite places in town! Here an example of our menu: Black Chanterelles infusion and crisp bread Trasparent Raviolo all'Amatriciana Romesco Bonbons Our Caprese Pedrosillo Chickpeas, Palamós Prown, sesamo wasabi and "souquet" air Mousse de Bologna and Pistacchio powder Low temperature cooked Octopus and smoked alli oli and Gazpacho shot Sardinas marinated with Saké, Tomillo cake and cherry confit • Drinks: You will enjoy water red and white wine.

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