Join Jane for

A Brazilian Feijoada with London style

South American
1 to 8
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Red Wine




• Appetizers Famous "Pão de queijo", brazilian bread with cheese. • Main course An authentic feijoada, which is the national dish of Brazil. It's composed of black beans cooked with fresh and smoked meats and accompanied by traditional side dishes. Seasonings: boiled rice, cabbage leaves stirred on garlic and oil, farofa (cassava flour, bacon and parsley prepared on a sauce pan). • Dessert Chocolate fondant with ice-cream

• Drinks: You will enjoy red wine, white wine and beer.

It is very accessible via public transport.

In the heart of the town, let's appreciate a traditional brazilian menu! Enjoy typical products and dishes in order to make the winter warmer. "A symphony of black beans boiled with piggy bits and comforting spices, Brazilian feijoada is anything but a lacklustre stew" (The Guardian, 2015).

As a starter and dessert, it may vary, so that we can chose together what would be the best option for you. Let's enjoy the brazilian atmosphere that can offer my menu !

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Great brazilian food, that was exactly what i was looking for! Thanks Jane

If like me and you love Brazilian food I can highly recommend Jane as a host. The first course was incredible and based around prawns in a mango sauce filled within a pasty dumplin (I forgot the real name), I had never had this before and really enjoyed it as well as its presentation. The feijoada was one of the best I've had, very home made feel and soft pieces of pork. I didn't really have room for desert but it was too nice not to eat. With Brazilian, British and French personalities around the well as very nice French wine the evening was very pleasant with great conversation. I'd definitely return again!

We had such a fun night filled with laughter, delicious food, fabulous organic wine and hopefully new friends! Best VizEat experience ever. Thanks Jane and Raf for a lovely night - can't wait to come back. x

Meet Jane

I speak English, French, Portuguese, Spanish

Passionate by flavors, scents, form and textures I use my inspirations to create meals. I am not a chef and I am not sure I am an artist. Cooking is merely a passion. At home, we like to select good products and always when possible we opt for organics and raw ingredients.

Who have been eating with us?

National Geographic: Travel Geeks event - 6 September 2016 "Jane Simon will be demonstrating how to make Feijoada. The national dish of Brazil, Feijoada is a delicious stew of black beans cooked with fresh and smoked meats, and is often accompanied by traditional side dishes."

Easy Jet Magazine - July 2016 (Pg 24-25) "Chocolate brown and tick with black beans, the pork stew is flanked by crisp junks of cassava and chilli paste so fiery that you `d expect the samba beats of Carnival to strike up at any moment."

The Guardian - 3 June 2016 "Jane Simon signed up as a non-native living in the city, seeing it as a way to expand her own social network. “It combines two things I love to do – cooking and meeting new people, which is hard outside of work,” she says".

I'm in my thirties
Pharmacist / Consultant
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