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A taste of Asia

2 to 3
12:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Meet Sher

I speak Traditional Chinese, English

I have a passion for cooking, I love creating dishes from scratch. My grandma's strict discipline of cooking has taught me well on how to balance the flavour, cook the right texture, and pick the best produce. My travels has opened my eyes on different palate and beautiful plating of dishes, mixing the Asian and the western fusion. You're in for a treat! Guarantee a simple yet delish dish in a homey environment.

I'm in my thirties

A taste of Asia

MENU • Starter Tender Halal Beef slow cooked with a veggie and fruit sauce and also a hint of spicy for a kick. Carrots, white radish, dried shiitake mushrooms, fresh parsley and Served with sushi rice. • Main course Kimchi and stir fry veggie with dried baby prawns • Dessert Japanese green tea cake • Drinks: You will enjoy rosé wine and white wine. It is very accessible via public transport. ***** Let's appreciate a taste of Asia together !

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