Join George for

Enjoy a traditional Georgian dinner

Eastern Europe
2 to 4
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Red Wine

Meet George

I speak English, Russian

love food generally, preferences will be eastern food, thai, Malaysia india etc...

I'm in my thirties
dj, promoter.

Enjoy a traditional Georgian dinner

Welcome to my place for a typical Georgian menu. Let's discover as a starter a delicious whole nut and aubergine salad, and also my Georgian special soup. Then, as a main dish I will cook my speciality, a marinated lamb chops (marinated day before) with potato, tomato, aubergine and Georgian herbs and spices. And to conclude, you will appreciate for sure chocolate cream cake. If you want to you can also taste an authentic Georgian wine. All conditions are reunited to enjoy part of my culture together!

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