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Tour of Portugal's Dinner

2 to 6
8:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Red Wine, White Wine ...



MENU (using 100% Portuguese premium products/ingredients)

• Appetizers Regional cured meats and cheses, organic olive oil seasoned olives and other small bites, accompanied by a Moscato wine. • Starter: Unique Portuguese sausages, prepared with scrambled eggs • Main course: Cod fish "my family's style" • Dessert: Surprise desert, will depend on the mood! :)

• Drinks: You may enjoy red, white or rosé wine, cocktail and/or beer. You may also bring your own bottle if you want to, os ask for special premium wine parings.

"Jantar em Casa do Esteves" (dine at Esteves place) Very unique Portuguese hand-picked exquisite ingredients and prepared in original ways... A relaxed guided tour around Portuguese cuisine, spices and ingredients.

(Price for established meal, lighter and premium options available) (Dietary restrictions on request)

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Fabulous company,great conversation and delicious cuisine. Go! And you will feel like you've just had dinner with a friend.

The meal was ver nicely prepared with wine and very nice people who interacted with everyone. It was a typical Portuguese meal you would have in your own home.

Cette soirée chez Zé était une surprise à l'occasion de l'anniversaire d'une de nous quatre : la surprise était entière, pleine d'émotion, Zé et sa charmante amie ont tout préparé avec beaucoup de goût et plein d'attention pour cette occasion! Nous avons pris l'apéritif dans l'appartement et diné ensuite dehors sur une jolie table dressée dans son jardin simple et inattendu... Des spécialités : soupe aux légumes et chorizo servie dans des pots de confiture, baccalhau à la "bras" délicieuse et merveilleux dessert à base de fraises rôties, herbes, épices et crème légère, unique! Un invité surprise, ami américain de Zé a partagé notre repas et les voisins portugais nous ont rejoints pour trinquer avec nous. Echanges en français, en anglais, très chaleureux! Un grand merci pour ton accueil Zé, au plaisir!

We came to Zé's home with a little apprehension because we were with our teenagers (14 & 17) and he had invited 4 friends/guests to join us. Rapidly, we understood that this was going to be a very enjoyable evening with Ze's empathic authentic style and his welcoming open-minded friends. We discovered new types of meat, cheeses, wines, vegetables, ... from Brazil/Portugal, all brought to life with Ze's meticulous yet convivial cooking style. A delightful evening, great tastes and a beautiful person which were one of the highlights of our Lisbon weekend. Thanks Ze


I speak English, French, Portuguese, Spanish

"To cook is not a service, is a way to love the others" (Mia Couto, Mozambican writer) I love to eat, and I love to cook.

I live in Lisboa and share my house with my house with my beautiful brazilian/italian girlfriend Priscilla and my flatmate Mico who is from Madeira and is the sommelier at one of the finest restaurants in town.

For dinner, we also welcome family, neighbors and friends to share our meals and friendships.

Growing up in a typical Portuguese family, i developed a passion for food, both the very typical and the very "new"... :)

I like to say I cook typical meals, blending ingredients, colors, textures, nutrients and of course, flavors! :)

I'm in my thirties
Wellness Coach ...
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