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Hi, My family are living in suburb of Hanoi, Vietnam. I love traditional, culture and nature. I wish to exchange it to every one in the world. My parents are farmers. They work very hard on the beautiful land(fruit and vegetable plantation). My family loves to meet travelers from around the world to introduce our local life, local market, chat with hospitality people, cook our traditional dishes and share peaceful moment with my family.

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We are a family of five who enjoyed a wonderfull day at Mandy. Mandy showed us the market and the farming - and could tell us a lot about everyday life in Vietnam - just what we hoped for. We had fun and found everything interesting. We were taught about vietnamesian cuisine - in a practical way - and had a fantastic meal in the end.

Although the class was a little far away, it's more than worth it! It was wonderful to see a suburb of Hanoi and an authentic local market. We felt like we were treated to an authentic, traditional Vietnamese meal and the food is the best we had in Hanoi. That atmosphere is very casual and Mandy and her family are extremely kind and generous.

it was a really nice tour. Mandy is a friendly host who explained patiently the culture differences between Taiwan and Vietnam to us. my friend and i had a really great time at Mandy's house. thanks a lot!

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