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I discovered my passion for food when I was 15 years old, watching my mother and grandmother cook. They are both excellent cooks, who transformed the products from the garden into simple yet delicious dishes. They passed me on their recipes, tips and tricks, their joy of preparing something delicious and sharing it. This is the rich heritage I in turn want to pass on now. Today, I am professional in the food sector. First, I worked for a company with organic products, then a large distribution with the products Reflets de France for Carrefour. As mother of three, I also like to propose some cooking classes at my home. My guests usually are foreigners living in Paris, people who share a general interest in food and sometimes even tourists, who are looking for an authentic culinary experience “at home”. You are welcome in my apartment and in my kitchen! // Passionnée de cuisine depuis l’âge de 15 ans, j’ai toujours aimé regarder cuisiner ma mère et ma grand-mère. Excellentes cuisinières, ce sont les produits du potager, du verger et de la basse-cour qu’elles transforment alors en plats simples mais savoureux. Tradition orale des recettes, gestes précis, astuces, goût du travail bien fait et amour à partager à travers les bons petits plats , c’est tout cet héritage que j’ai envie à mon tour de transmettre. Adulte, j’oriente ma carrière professionnelle dans l’agroalimentaire. J’ai travaillé pour le compte d’une société de produits biologiques puis dans la grande distribution avec la mise au point des produits Reflets de France pour Carrefour. Aujourd’hui, maman de 3 enfants, c’est tout naturellement que je propose avec grand plaisir des cours de cuisine à la maison. Mon public : traditionnellement des étrangers vivant à Paris, curieux de la cuisine française, et parfois même des touristes de passage voulant vivre une expérience culinaire originale « comme à la maison ». Je vous reçois dans mon appartement, dans ma cuisine.

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Odile and Pierre are elegant hosts, but not at all pretentious. It took us just a few moments to feel comfortable in their beautiful home in a quiet corner of Paris. The meal was excellent, from appetizers to dessert. Our daughters (11 & 13) had a good time and felt welcomed and we enjoyed meeting their lovely daughters who told us a bit about school life in France. We talked about their home town, growing up in the 80s, and all the things young people don't experience because of the Internet (like catching furtive glances of life across the ocean). We couldn't recommend them more enthusiastically!

We had a great time with Odile and Pierre. The house is lovely and we felt at home. The food was delicious and beautifully presented. And talking with Pierre and Odile with a joy. Be sure to ask about Pierre's bees.

My grand daughter and I spent an evening in Paris cooking with Odile. It was a great experience. After cooking we had supper with Odile , Pierre and their two daughters and were joined by another couple . It was an exceptional evening of good food-new friends and beautiful ending to our 5 days in Paris. I would strongly recommend the experience to everyone. Thanks again Odile and family. Harvey from Montreal

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