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I’ve been traveling a lot and always is nice to meet people and the best thing is have dinner with them. So I want to show you , the food where I grew up , La Mancha , is why my menu combines everything I like about the traditional food of my hometown with a little sea of fresh and creative ideas. My mother was the basis of my food education , el mundo , life, travel, he made the rest. I live in a cozy apartment with good location. I have a lovely dining room where I host most of my dinners. My passion is paint so you will see paintings for everywhere... --- En todos los viajes que he realizado,siempre he encontrado personas sorprendentes y tener la posibilidad de cenar con ellos ha sido siempre lo más interesante. Me gustaría enseñaros la gastronomía de la tierra donde he nacido, La Mancha. Me encanta la comida tradicional mezclada con pequeñas frescas y creativas ideas. Mi madre fue la base de mi educación culinaria y ejemplo de vida. Vivo en un acogedor apartamento muy céntrico con un espacio especial reservado para recibir a mis invitados. Mi pasión es la pintura y por eso encontraréis multitud de pinturas en mi apartamento.

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Marisa was welcoming and lovely. The food was so good and inspiring, we enjoyed every bit!

Marissa has a lovely apartment and her table was filled with specialities and delicacies that all the group loved. We really enjoyed the conversation as well as the food. Thanks Marisa!

I hosted Marisa and her group of friends, and they were just unbelievable great persons to have dinner with. They were very respectful, and very very interested in the food and all around the food and the (old and new) friends around the table. :) We had such a great time together!! We also became very curious to try her dishes at her place in Madrid, which we'll be doing in the first opportunity! :) Summarizing, great persons to share a meal and great persons to get to know! :) Thank you so much Marisa!! :)

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