Meet Sara

I am Sara, an interior designer who decided to abandon this in order to pursue my true passion: FOOD! Cooking has always been very important to my family. In fact, the first question that we usually ask when somebody comes back from a trip, a wedding or an event was: “How was the food?” We organise our trips based on what we might try (eat) everywhere we visit. We meet very often to eat, and we love to try new things. This has been my way of living since I was a kid. -- Soy Sara, una diseñadora de interiores que decidió cambiar su trabajo en la construcción para dedicarme a mi pasión. ¡LA COMIDA! La cocina siempre ha sido muy importante en mi familia. De hecho, la primera pregunta que se acostumbra a hacer cuando alguien vuelve de viaje, de una boda o un evento es “Que tal la comida?”. ¡Organizamos nuestros viajes en función de lo que podremos probar en cada nuevo lugar que visitamos! Nos reunimos a menudo para comer, nos encanta salir a probar cosas nuevas y este es el espíritu que he vivido desde niña.

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went in
April 2017

We had a great time cooking with Sara! Her kitchen and garden were absolutely lovely. Would definitely recommend this experience.


went in
March 2017

This was an amazing class. Sara welcomed us and made us feel as though we had joined a good friend for dinner. Some food was prepped, others were not allowing us the perfect amount of time to both cook and relax. We enjoyed a nice wine, excellent paella, tapas and good company. Thank you Sara for a great time.

Aline Casagrande

went in
February 2017

Thanks a lot Sara! The experience was fabolous. She welcomed us in her secret garden and organized a cooking together experience where we discovered secrets from the real Catalunya. We will definitely come back soon and visit her again.

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