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"To cook is not a service, is a way to love the others" (Mia Couto, Mozambican writer) I love to eat, and I love to cook. I live in Lisboa and share my house with my house with my beautiful brazilian/italian girlfriend Priscilla and my flatmate Mico who is from Madeira and is the sommelier at one of the finest restaurants in town. For dinner, we also welcome family, neighbors and friends to share our meals and friendships. Growing up in a typical Portuguese family, i developed a passion for food, both the very typical and the very "new"... :) I like to say I cook typical meals, blending ingredients, colors, textures, nutrients and of course, flavors! :)

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went in
February 2017

We came to Zé's home with a little apprehension because we were with our teenagers (14 & 17) and he had invited 4 friends/guests to join us. Rapidly, we understood that this was going to be a very enjoyable evening with Ze's empathic authentic style and his welcoming open-minded friends. We discovered new types of meat, cheeses, wines, vegetables, ... from Brazil/Portugal, all brought to life with Ze's meticulous yet convivial cooking style. A delightful evening, great tastes and a beautiful person which were one of the highlights of our Lisbon weekend. Thanks Ze


went in
February 2017

Will repeat next time 100%. We were my girl and I and felt like we were at home. Zé knows how to create a truly satisfying experience. The food and drink was excellent. The definition is good food and good vibes. I hope to be able to return as soon as possible and see what news Zé have added. Thank you Zé.


went in
October 2016

Du point de vue culinaire, le repas était excellent, de très bon produit et le talent indéniable de Ze pour les accommoder à la perfection. Mais le plus important est ce moment de convivialité partagé avec Ze, Priscilla et Jack. Une excellent soirée. Notre meilleur souvenir de Lisbonne.

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